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I watched the sky wake

Up, stretching her pinks,

Blues, yellows, today; so 

Cold I thought it was frozen.

Now I watch the sunset, in

Front of maze entangled 

Branches protecting a landing

Fifty feet below where the snow

From last week has not melted.

The sun seems in no haste to 

Fall beneath the tree line for 

Once; I have grown accustomed

To winter with its browns, tans,

Pale, sickly light through dusty 

Windows, and slow melting snow

Left alone to decide on its own.

There is a winter storm climbing

Up the coast; they are like trains

Here, blowing their horns, letting

Us know to buy milk or bread. 

We don’t shake with the snow 

In the city. It makes our lives 

Uniform and quiet – the first flakes

Are solace; we are still, for once.

This will be our last storm. Snow

Will still come but few will notice. I

Think that is why I saw the sky this

Morning, now feel the sun descend 

Slowly over left over snow I will

Not walk in or get closer. None

Of it waits; I give its warmth; it 

Is all beautiful; cold and distant. 

Writing Exercise

When was the last time you were in a car waiting? What were you listening to? What were you thinking? Write a poem about a time in a car. Or write about your relationship with your car and your art.

Poem of the Day – “Driving a cardboard automobile without a license” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Word of the Day – Ephemeral

What I am Reading – Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

What I am Listening to – History of the English Language Podcast

“The American really loves nothing but his automobile: not his wife his child nor his country nor even his bank-account first”

William Faulkner – Intruder in the Dust

About Author

I am a poet, father, writer, teacher who lives in the Philadelphia area. I have taught high school English for over 20 years and believe that the practice of writing and reading each day makes us better humans and thinkers.

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